What We Offer?

We guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions with strategies that minimize your tax liabilities. Our expertise, experience, analysis and thorough research allow us to optimize financial opportunities to be found in existing as well as recently altered tax laws.

We have a staff of seasoned tax professionals with years of experience. They are here to help you get your BEST POSSIBLE RETURN.

Why Choose Us?

We offer accounting professionals who are well-versed with the most up-to-date accounting software programs at unbeatable prices. We pledge to keep your sensitive data confidential and secure. We treat your proprietary information as if it were our own. Our security systems, monitoring software and secure servers provide solid protection from theft, loss or leaking of your private information.

We're All About You!

Extreme Tax & Accounting Services has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses locally as well as throughout the country.
Extreme Tax & Accounting Services expertise ranges from basic tax management and accounting services to more in-depth services such as tax return audits and financial planning.

Extreme Tax & Accounting Services Welcomes You.

Get answers to all of your tax and financial questions! At Extreme Tax & Accounting Services our tax experts have years of consulting and auditing experience and will support you in all aspects of business management, from the everyday to the complex.

Quality comes from experience - Find out more about our background and areas of expertise. From tax and financial consulting to accounting and auditing, we provide comprehensive and individualized support to meet all of your tax and financial needs.

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